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Stonebraker McQuary is committed to excellence in providing peace of mind to our customers throughout the Lewis-Clark Valley, the Camas Prairie, the Palouse, and Spokane.

Whether you are looking for personal insurance, business coverage, or agricultural insurance, we are here to help you find the best value and a policy that is right for you. Our agents are experts in personal and business insurance needs, farm and crop insurance, contractors and bonding, commercial aviation, individual life and health insurance, and employee benefits and investments.

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Don’t get Caught in the Sand Trap
Get Golf Cart Insurance
Any person who owns a golf cart must get this insurance. You wouldn’t drive a car without insurance because it would leave you vulnerable to legal and medical costs in the result of an accident. The same is true of golf carts. It is absolutely necessary for you to have the correct insurance to make sure you are protected. The cost of insurance is slight compared to the cost of not having it.

If you want to use your golf cart at any golf course, you are required to bring your insurance paperwork.

What typically does this insurance policy cover?
Golf cart insurance covers the vehicle for accidental damage caused by collision, adverse weather, fire and theft. The cart will be insured at a number of places that the insurer would approve the unrestricted use of a golf cart (i.e. golf courses, country clubs and gated communities).

Golf cart insurance also protects you from any medical costs or legal costs derived from a claim made by a third party.

Additional coverage for a golf cart insurance policy
Golf cart insurance is fairly standard with very few additions available. The best addition you can get to your policy is to also apply for general golf insurance as that will cover you while you are playing golf and not just when you are driving your cart. You never know when a hook or slice can get you in trouble.

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